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Dec 15

The GunVault pistol and security safe line of electronic safes is a must have for any handgun owner. These safes offer lightning fast entry for home defense and the best safety for firearm owners that have children at home.  Today we take a look at the GunVault Mini Deluxe, manufactured from 16-gauge steel with pry-resistant doors,  it can be used to securely store a variety of items out of reach of children and unauthorized access.

The  Deluxe Models have special features that require both a power supply and AA alkaline batteries to power an interior courtesy light as well as a motion detection and audible alarm.

Like many electronic safe manufacturers, GunVault (owned by Cannon Safe) recommends the use of Duracell AA batteries.  A total of Eight
(8) AA batteries are required for the operation of the interior light, lock and audible alarm system. There is a key lock as a backup, so you can rest easy that you won’t get locked out! It is important to note that you should NEVER use a 9v battery or rechargeable batteries – they will not work with the GunVault safe brand.
Locating the Battery Tray
GunVault recommends that you locate the battery tray with your “palm up” However, we have found it to be much easier to turn the safe upside down so you can more easily locate the battery tray and remove the fastener screws.

Step 1.

Gently Pull the Foam Out

Gently Pull the Foam Out

Reach inside the gun safe and locate the far end of the ceiling foam. Gently squeeze or pinch the far end of the foam with your fingers and carefully pull it part of the way out of the safe box. *imagine that you are pulling on the tongue of your shoe*  Take special care not to tear the foam loose! Afterall, you just spend your hard earned cash to buy a safe! You will find both the battery tray and mounting screws on the ceiling (or if you turned the safe upside down they will be on the bottom).

Location of Fastener Screws

Location of Fastener Screws and Wires

Loading the Battery Tray

Step 2.

Pay close attention to the polarity of the batteries as you install them! Make sure that the ends of each battery match the positive (+) and negative (-) marking in the tray exactly. This will ensure that you do not have to repeat this step!

+ - Batteries Must Be Installed Correctly - +

+ - Batteries Must Be Installed Correctly - +

Installing the Battery Tray in the Safe

Electronic Gun Safe

Electronic Gun Safe

Step 3.

Position the safe with the door facing you. Again GunVault recommends that you have the keypad upward. HOWEVER, we have found it to be much easier to turn the safe upside down so you can more easily locate install the battery tray and fastener screws.

a)  Ensure that you have connected the power cable to the battery tray. You should hear an audible beep signal’ this cofirms that power is connected.
b) Do not pinch the power cable between the tray and the ceiling as this can cause damage to you new gun safe.
c) Gently insert the tray into position; Pay close attention to aligning the slots/holes onto the mounting studs.
d) Use the fastener thumbnuts to secure the tray inside the gun safe. Do not over-tighten the fastener thumbnuts!
e) Gently press the foam back into the GunVault so it covers the battery tray and tuck the foam lining in the far end to keep it in place.

Now you can close the door and your GunVault is ready for use!

Every GunVault safe includes standard features such as a spring-loaded door for quick access to contents, powder coated finish that resist corrosion, the no-eyes electronic keypad and a backup key lock so you do not get locked out! For gun safety the safe has a Security Sleep Mode in case of unauthorized keypad entry and special “knock outs” to use a security cable or bolt down kit for security.

After continued use you will notice a low battery warning in the form of period beeps. You will also notice in both the Deluxe and biometric electronic safe the door will not open properly when the batteries are low.

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