Mar 19

East Penn Manufacturing Company has allowed Carquest to offer their customers a diverse selection of auto batteries ranging from a value grade battery up to an AGM technology battery. Carquest has recently changed their warranties on their battery lines due to the competition. Carquest generally speaking would offer only a 12 month free replacement on most of their battery selections, with the exception of a couple. Carquest now has raised the standard of their battery warranties, and has had much success with the implementation of the new program. We are going to take a look at their Automobile battery line, and compare batteries vs warranties.

First on deck is the Carquest Red 50 Battery. This battery is considered Carquests Value grade battery. The Carquest Red 50 battery comes with a 12 month free replacement warranty. Once the free replacement warranty is up the Carquest Red 50 carries a pro rate warranty up to 50 months. The warranty on this Red 50 is nothing to get excited about, but the price reflects the quality. Another thing worth mentioning is that this battery is a sealed top, and a maintenance free battery which means a lot for a value grade battery.

Next in the Carquest lineup is the Premium Blue 60 battery, and the Premium Blue 70 battery.. The Premium Blue 60 battery is obviously a step up from the Red 50 battery. The Premium Blue 60 battery carries a 2 year free replacement warranty. Once the free replacement period is expired on the Premium Blue 60 the warranty turn to a pro rate for a period of 60 months. Like the Red 50 battery the Premium Blue 60 battery price reflects its quality. Let it be known that this battery also has a sealed top, and is maintenance free. The Premium Blue 70 battery is a slight step up from the Blue 60 battery in more cranking amps and another 10 month extension on the pro rate warranty. Based on the price difference between the two batteries, we would recommend the Premium Blue 70 battery.

Carquest offers European car enthusiasts a battery. This battery is a OEM exact fit for European cars. The battery is noticeably longer than other more standard batteries, as well as special cut outs around the positive and negative posts of the battery. Carquest offers a 2 year free replacement on this Euro battery. Upon expiration of the free replacement warranty the battery has a 70 month pro rate warranty that follows. These types of batteries can be very expensive to purchase, however Carquest has put a reasonable price tag with this jewel. (Note) the picture shows 72 month warranty, but this has been changed to a 70 month warranty.

Carquest offers the Gold Plus 75 Dual terminal battery in its lineup of batteries. This battery offers a 2 year free replacement warranty. Once the free replacement time has expired, the battery relies on its 75 month pro rate warranty. This is a very popular battery for Carquest because of its ability to go into automobiles with side posts or top posts.

Carquest offers its Advanced Generation batteries in the lineup. The battery warranties on the Advanced Generation has changed. The batteries used to carry a 2 year free replacement, and 72 month pro rate. The Advanced Generation battery line now carries a 3 year free replacement warranty, and a 84 month pro rate warranty. This battery line is Carquests premium battery warranty in the lead acid category.

Last but not least is the Carquest NGT Extreme AGM Dual Terminal battery. The AGM technology allows this battery to be spill proof, leak proof, and resistant to vibration. The Carquest NGT Extreme is a absorbed glass mat technology, doing away with the familiar lead acid filled battery as we know. The AGM battery allows for faster charge times, more available power for more applications. Information about the Carquest NGT Extreme warranty was unavailable at the time of this article.

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