Comparison: Lithium Vs Alkaline Batteries

Jan 10

Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA

Lithium batteries offer a huge advantage over Alkaline batteries. Its not even a fair playing field when comparing Lithium batteries to alkaline batteries. Lithium batteries offer more voltage over a longer time frame hands down. A Lithium battery will last up to 8 times longer in a digital camera compared to a alkaline battery.

Energizer AAA Battery

Energizer AAA Battery

Lithium can power a MP3 player up to 4 times longer when compared to Alkaline. Battery types offered in both lithium and alkaline are AA, AAA, and 9 Volts. Generally speaking lithium does not offer larger general purpose battery types than the above mentioned. Keep in mind when purchasing batteries that some electronic and photographic devices are designed to only be used with either lithium or alkaline batteries, some devices allow either type to be used. Do not put Lithium batteries in a device that requires only alkaline batteries. In some cases when putting lithium batteries in a device that only accepts alkaline batteries, lithium can cause permanent damage due to over voltage.

dollar-sign 2One disadvantage that lithium batteries have to the alkaline batteries is the considerably higher cost of the lithium batteries. Consumers at first were not fond of the price tag of the lithium batteries.  Sense, the sales of lithium batteries have gone through the roof. Lithium batteries have proved to consumers that they can last 8 times longer in high drain devices like digital cameras. The average cost of a 4 pack of AAA Alkaline batteries is roughly 5 dollars. The average cost of a 4 pack of AAA lithium batteries is 12 dollars. Lithium batteries cost nearly 2 1/2 times more than alkaline batteries. Lithium batteries however are a excellent choice for the holidays when numerous photos are taken. Lithium batteries last 8 times longer and cost 2 1/2 times as much as comparable alkalines, we’ll let you be the judge.

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