Jan 22
Jumper Cables

Jumper Cables

Jill from Kansas

Hello, Could you explain to me how to jump start a car?

Referred to as Jump Start, Jump starting, or jumping is a procedure used to start a vehicle that will not start due to a discharged battery. Some reasons for needing a jump start are leaving the headlamps on, leaving the interior lights on, leaving the car ignition in the ON position, a weak battery, and or a defective alternator.  Jump starting is an effective way to start a vehicle that will not start on its own power. Both vehicles must be the same voltage and both must be negatively grounded. Always be careful when jump starting another vehicle, battery explosions are very common while jump starting vehicles. Corrosion on one or both vehicles, loose battery connections, a battery with a bad or weak cell, and arching of battery jumper cables can cause a explosion. Always be sure to wear eye protection for this reason when jump starting another battery. Below is an explanation of jump starting another vehicle.

Battery Jump Start Diagram

Battery Jump Start Diagram (Source BCI)

Make sure all battery cable connections are tight, and no signs of battery corrosion.

Make sure both ignitions are turned off and all accessories inside are off. (Heater fan) (lights) (radio) (wipers) (etc.)

(1) Connect the RED positive to the positive post of the car with the dead battery.

(2) On the other end of the jumper cables, connect the RED positive to the positive red post on the battery in the car with the good battery.

(3) Connect the BLACK negative cable to the negative post on the good battery. (Car giving the jump start)

(4) On the other end of the jumper cables, connect the BLACK negative to the block or frame of the car receiving the jump start. The block or car frame is used to complete the circuit and keep any sparks away that might occur during making the circuit complete.

(5) Start the car giving the jump start first.

(6) Then rev the engine to 2000 r.p.m.. (wait 10 minutes before attempting to start the other car)

(7) Start the car with the dead battery. (failure to start, wait 3-5 minutes before attempting another start)

(8) Once car is started, disconnect jumper cables in the reverse order. Be sure to start with the Black negative on the engine block or frame first.