S&G Audit Lock Battery Replacement | 9 Volt Batteries

Mar 04

The S&G Audit Lock is the world’s premier high security lock for access control on safes, vaults and doors of all types. Many banks, insurance companies and

9V Batteries in Electronic Lock

9V Batteries in Electronic Lock

other entities with evidence rooms choose this lock for its versatility and ease of use. What makes this lock unique is the ability to record, manage and analyze times and dates for every time the door has been opened or closed. Companies with access control policies in place (e.g. Cash safes at retail locations) can use this information for record keeping and as information to provide to authorities if a theft occurs.  Like any electronic lock, over time the batteries become low and require replacement.

MYTH: The lock will loose the user codes during battery replacement

FACT: The lock will NOT loose any programmed user codes, passwords or settings

Electronic locks always have some way to measure the low battery, the S&G audit control lock is not different and when a user code is entered and a series of five (5) beeps occur, the 9 volt batteries are low. This is the best time to replace the batteries. If the batteries are not replaced during the onset of the beeping sequence eventually the lock will not open and you will not be able to access the safe, vault or secure room that the lock protects.

  • 2 Signs that the Batteries Needs Replaced!
  • A series of 5 beeps occurs when the user code is entered
  • Electronic Lock beeps 20 times and the lock won’t open.

How to change the batteries

The two 9V batteries are located directly behind the touch keypad. The S&G audit lock uses two (2)  9-volt alkaline batteries. Like most safe and lock manufacturers we always recommend Duracell alkaline batteries. They last the longest and are the preffered battery for electronic safes and locks.

Step 1.

Very carefully remove the keypad housing of the lock by gently lifting the bottom edge (closest to the S&G logo) and slowly easing it off the base.

Step 2.

Carefully detach the old 9V batteries from the battery terminals. Now, insert the brand new Duracell batteries. NOTE:  Make sure you support the top of each 9v battery holder to prevent bending or breaking the battery holder.

Step 3.

Very carefully replace the keypad housing of the lock

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AA Batteries for your Sentry Safe | Duracell Review

Feb 19
Duracell Alkaline Battery

Duracell Alkaline Battery

More often than not our blog readers give us their real world experiences with batteries in their electronic safes. Tried and true, we have more positive comments and recommendations for  Duracell AA Batteries. These alkaline ‘coppertops’ offer a great, long lasting charge. The majority of the safe manufacturers recommend Duracell brand for security safes of all types.

When it comes to your security safe at home or in the office you don’t want to risk being locked out. It’s a pain and can easily be avoided by simply replacing the batteries every 6 months – 12 months. One of the signs that the batteries need replacement in your Sentry Safe is a continuously beeping lock.

Avoid the headaches of a safe that won’t open and install some new batteries today!

Electronic Safe from Sentry

Electronic Safe from Sentry

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Sentry Safe | Electronic Safe Battery Replacement

Jan 27

Is your battery dead on your fire safe? Replacing the AA Batteries on your SentrySafe electronic safe is quite easy. This step by step guide will show you exactly how to replace the batteries, located under the electronic lock in a holding tray.

Our blog followers have told us that these batteries should last at least 9 months.

We recommend that you change them every six months.


Step 1

Notice the Small Hole below the keypad

Notice the Small Hole below the keypad

Make sure that the handle of your safe is in the UP position, this means the horizontal position.

Insert a paper clip or pen point into the small hole of the battery cover. This small hole is located directly below the electronic keypad. Simply push in with your paper clip or pen point while simultaneously sliding the battery cover to the right.
Step 2

Slide open the cover with a paperclip or pen!

Simply disconnect and remove the battery holder and insert four (4) brand new AA Batteries. Sentry does not include batteries with your new purchase, we recommend Duracell as they offer the longest charge.

Slide open the cover with a paperclip or pen!

Step 3

Now, reconnect the battery holder and simply install it back into the proper position and slide the AA battery cover back in place.


ELECTRONIC LOCK NOTE:  There is a yellow LED that will light up when the batteries need replacement.


Problem: My safe won’t open

Solution: If the electronic lock is not operating, the first step is to simply replace the batteries located behind the battery cover.


Note: If your electronic lock is functioning and you cannot get into the safe, consult the owners manual.


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Electronic Safe Locks – Battery Replacement on S&G Biometric

Dec 14

With the popularity of electronic safes we continue to offer tips and step by step guides for our readers to replace the batteries in their locks. Many security safes come equipped with biometric locks or fingerprint readers for convenience. This type of advanced lock technology provides greater security and access control, and well, quite simply it’s very cool to open a lock with your fingerprint. The majority of fingerprint readers are battery powered and depending on the safe, some include a power pack for normal operation and rely on batteries as backup power.

In this post we take a look at the S&G® biometric keypad lock. This lock is used on several electronic safes, home safes and burglary rated safes. The biometric keypad lock is powered by two 9-volt batteries, both easily accessed via battery compartment on the bottom of the lock.

Helpful Tips: Listen for a change in the sound or pitch of the lock beeps – this means you need new 9 volt batteries!

Sporadic or inconsistent operation of the biometric keypad is also a sign that it’s time for new batteries.

Batteries—How often do should I change them?

Biometric Fingerprint Lock

Location of Battery Compartment

Once you are familiar with the biometric lock itself, you know that during both operation and programming the lock, it emits beeps.  You’ll know that it’s time for battery replacement when there is a If you notice an obvious change in the sound of the beeps. This means that the lock is telling you it’s time to change the batteries. Over time, if you do not go through the proper battery replacement steps, the lock will beep 20 times rapidly; when you try to open it, the unit will remain locked and you will not be able to open your safe.  This feature is the manufacturers way of  declaring that you change the batteries.
Batteries—How do I replace the 9 volt batteries?
First off, always remember that to ensure reliable operation of the lock that the batteries must be replaced periodically. The fingerprint codes and PIN numbers will be stored in internal memory.  Underneath the bottom of the S&G® keypad, you’ll find a raised ridge. Place your finger behind it, pull forward and down to gently open the

Slide Out Battery Tray

Slide Out Battery Tray

battery compartment. Be careful not to break the tray or pull the wires.

Each of the 9 volt batteries are connected to wires with tops that snap onto the batteries terminals. These connectors are common and found on most appliances, gadgets and other technology that use 9-volt batteries. Unplug the connectors, remove the old batteries, then snap the connectors onto a pair of new Duracell® brand (for best performance) alkaline batteries. Remember, the batteries must be alkaline. Place the batteries in the tray with the connector wires facing up. Once the replacement batteries have been installed, simply push the battery tray back up into the biometric keypad until it snaps into place.

MYTH: The biometric fingerprint codes and programmed combination or PIN will be erased during battery replacement.

Biometric Lock Battery Replacement

Biometric Lock Battery Replacement

FACT: During a battery change the lock is designed to remember the fingerprints and PIN numbers.

Each and every electronic safe will have batteries. While some are powered with 9 volts, there are many other home safes or fireproof safe brands that utilize AA alkaline batteries. Stay tuned as BestBatteryTips.com brings you more reviews and battery replacement tips for all types of storage cabinets and safes with locks.

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